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AppNeura Launch Press Release

Avekshaa launches its new product company appNeura and its first product appNeura – DEM (Digital Experience Monitoring) in the Gartner Symposium at Gold Coast Australia.

November 02, 2017

November 2, 2017, Avekshaa Technologies proudly launched its product company appNeura in the Gartner Symposium at Gold Coast, Australia among many distinguished guests and industry peers. Some of the dignitaries who graced our pod were – Jim Longwood (Research VP, Gartner), David Anthony (GM IT, Inpex), Laurent Derrien (CIO, Opt NC), Patrick Kuiper (Head IT & Digital, Smith & Smith), Karim Datoo (Global Account Manager, SnapLogic), Monir Haider (Infrastructure Services Manager, Dennis Family Corporation), Amit Gosian (Analyst, Gartner) and Shivendra Singh (VP & Head, NASSCOM).

appNeura- Digital Experience Management (DEM) is the first product of the new company. It is built on Avekshaa’s deep understanding of the performance engineering landscape that they have gathered over the years while solving complex IT issues of enterprises in their digital transformation phase needing high scalability. appNeura- DEM, caters to the fast-changing app ecosystem via a modern and scalable architecture built within its products that are also AI ready.

appNeura- Digital Experience Monitoring, is a next-generation tool and its differentiators lie in its powerful analytical approach represented in the simplest and most easy to use dashboard. It can generate granular insights about your end-customer’s experience across geographies, OS, devices, networks and servers. With appNeura you can, create superior apps, enhance end-user experience and improve brand loyalty. To know more about appNeura click here

appNeura is focussed on supporting all the pillars of Digital Adoption. The three main pillars can be identified as the Mobile Workforce who need to make decisions on the move like sales and field marketing, businesses that are dependent on in-app purchases and mobile transactions for example, food apps, e-commerce, mobile banking etc and Field Workforce enablement that needs swift reporting on the go for example for delivery boys network management and insurance agents.

appNeura provides actionable insights about the QoS of apps for corrective actions needed be taken to improve the app performance, appNeura gives predictive analytics about the QoS of apps helping proactive issue resolution and it supports Customer Expectation Management through it’s in-line advisory feature.

appNeura’s customer happiness formula is simple:

Happy Customer + Loyal Customer = Increased Traffic

Mr. Rajinder Gandotra, CEO Avekshaa Technologies said “We are very happy to launch our next-gen Digital Experience Monitoring product appNeura. This product is a critical tool for Chief Digital officers, CIOs and Business owners to improve digital adoption and support success of a digital initiative. This tool enables developers to deliver awesome applications with high QoS and supports ITOps / I&O teams in delivering high SLAs.”

This year’s theme for the Gartner Symposium was “Digital Transformation and Future”. The attendees included over 1500 CIO’s and Senior IT executives.

Many guests who visited the Avekshaa pod were happy with the demo of the product and have extended their discussion beyond the symposium. Avekshaa’s product is well aligned to the theme of “Digital Transformation” meeting the needs of most of the enterprises present, To know more about the Gartner Symposium click here

Event Pictures:

Rajinder Gandotra, CEO & Founder, Avekshaa Technologies with  Jim Longwood, Research VP, Gartner

Dignatries at Avekshaa’s pod during Gartner Symposium, Australia

Tara Richards. Head of Digital QSuper Limited

Customer at Avekshaa pod

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