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Superior App = Happy Customers = Improved Brand Reputation

Improve app adoption, customer retention and brand perception with appNeura

appNeura is focused on supporting all the three main pillars of Digital Adoption

People are interacting more with apps than human.
Their experience with digital services defines the success or failure of a Digital Initiative.

Mobile Workforce

Ensure optimum performance of your mobile workforce with appNeura. Get actionable insights into your apps’ QoS and take immediate corrective actions to fix bugs and improve app performance.

In-app transaction

Use appNeura’s predictive analytics to get details about the QoS of your app that helps proactive issue resolution. Increase in-app purchases and business transactions.

Field Workforce

Your Field workforce needs a high performance mobile app that enables swift reporting on the go and Customer Expectation Management via its in-line advisory feature.

Happy customers = Improved brand reputation

In the fast changing app ecosystem, only performance counts! No amount of marketing effort will be able to hard sell a poor performing app. Good performance over a period of time will lead to happy customers and good reviews from happy customers will improve brand perception. For app owners the world over, brand perception is critical to ensuring their long term survival. Get appNeura to build superior apps that last. Period!

Increase customer retention and revenue

Getting new users is a Herculean task. But retaining existing users is an even bigger challenge. appNeura understands the importance of continuous app improvements to engage existing users. That’s why it provides granular user data to expedite necessary tweaks and enhancements to improve engagement, increase retention and boost revenues through in-app purchases. It also facilitates quick launch of new versions to keep pace with the highly competitive market.

Know your customers better with business-relevant insights

appNeura helps you understand your users’ likes and dislikes better. Monitor the top features and links accessed by your customers over a period of time to get a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t in your app. Use these business relevant insights to improve your users’ digital experience.

Adopt 5-star app strategy to improve app visibility, increase adoption

Superior, bug-free apps get better visibility in appstores and hence more downloads. On the other hand, apps with bugs that cause crashes and drain smartphone batteries will be downgraded and be virtually invisible to their end users. With appNeura, improve your app’s visibility and downloads by getting device level insights. Offer unmatched user experience to improve usage and in-app engagement.

Experience a powerful real user monitoring tool with the simplest dashboard at most optimal cost of ownership.

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