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AppNeura for CIOS

appNeura offers everything your teams will need to continously delight your customers. It also has something special for your employees too!

Performance report card of all your apps at a glance

No more guesswork with appNeura. Stay on top of things with a quick summary view of all your apps. The APDEX score for each app allows you to conduct an instant performance review. You can also pinpoint the root cause of issues spoiling your users’ experience with appNeura’s detailed device and network analytics. Make quick, informed decisions with appNeura.

Hot track your premium customers

Offer premium services to your premium users with appNeura. With the flexibility to set differentiated SLAs for different categories of end users, appNeura allows you to get continuous insights into your premium customers’ digital experience. Help your team take proactive steps to ensure your users don’t get a chance to complain.

Control costs, utilize operational budgets efficiently

appNeura gives you complete bang for your buck. No hidden costs, no bundled packages. Pay for what you need. appNeura’s powerful digital experience monitoring tool loaded with various customization options will give you everything you need and more without stretching your budgets.

Get a powerful, easy-to-use tool for your teams

With demanding customers and increasing competition, you need to arm your teams with the right tools to help your business stay ahead of the rest. Complicated dashboards with unnecessary notifications only increase the cost of ownership and slow down the process of issue isolation. Which is why you need to get appNeura! Powerful, yet easy to use, appNeura’s intuitive dashboard with material design will simplify the lives of your teams. With appNeura on your side, you won’t just have happy customers, but have happy employees too!

Improve productivity, increase revenue per employee

Enable your employees to do more for less. With appNeura’s simplified dashboard and in-depth user analytics, your teams can become more productive. They will spend less time analyzing problems and troubleshooting and devote more time to improving app interactivity and user experiences.

Experience a powerful real user monitoring tool with the simplest dashboard at most optimal cost of ownership.

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