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AppNeura for Developers

Continously monitor and improve your app's performance by getting deep insights into user journeys with appNeura.

Focus on development and innovation

Spend less time sifting through heaps of unnecessary information, spend more time innovating and making your app more engaging. With appNeura’s intuitive, clutter-free dashboard, get an integrated end-user view across operating systems, devices, application versions as well as different geographies.

Get all the information you need, with low footprint and easy integration

Couple of lines of code is all you need to integrate appNeura with your apps. And don’t worry about increased overheads. With very low footprint, appNeura’s design ensures minimal intrusion on your app ensuring optimal performance.

Optimize your web pages

Reduce the page load time for your web apps. appNeura provides a detailed view of all the elements responsible for page rendering thereby, allowing you to resolve issues in case any due to issues in page load.

Deliver consistent experience across devices

With users accessing your app from multiple devices, you need to be on your toes to ensure they have a consistent app experience across devices. appNeura’s in-depth device analytics will make life simpler for you. By providing critical performance metrics like battery level, device temperature and CPU utilization, appNeura will help you pro-actively address issues and troubleshoot user complaints with ease.

Don’t let the network define your app experience

Monitor the effect of network bandwidth on your customers’ digital journey with appNeura’s network dashboard. Easily identify instances of slow app performance due to poor bandwidth and trigger proactive advisories and alerts to mitigate customer backlash.

Experience a powerful real user monitoring tool with the simplest dashboard at most optimal cost of ownership.

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