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Early budgeting for QoS can save you nightmares and Ensure good night’s sleep

Financial year 2019 has moved on leaving us with a bright new shining year and a lot of optimism about our future. At its core is a world that will become progressively digital, increasingly automated and machine learning empowered. Forrester and other analysts have predicted that 20% of the CEO’s will put their firms at risk by not acting upon Digital Transformation. Digital Transformation and IT change initiatives can fail miserably in the absence of a Proactive Performance Engineering and Application Performance Management Strategy. Therefore, as CIOs you would want to include a Proactive Performance Engineering driven approach in your organisation. The benefits are better illustrated by the following scenarios.

How things fall apart for CIOs ?

Scenario I :

A large bank in India embarked on a complex Core Banking Migration program. The migration work started, initially everything was going on as scheduled. But, when the Testing began, things started falling apart. It was clear they have missed a very important element in their check-list- a Proactive Performance Engineering. This resulted in missed business deadline, degradation of customer service, and serious escalations.

Similar issues can occur during Development and other IT transformation program if Performance Engineering is not considered proactively.

What diligent CIO’s do ?

Scenario II :

A telecom giant as part of their 4 G launch embarked on a large and complex digital program involving delivery of multimedia applications on Mobile comprising 100 M users with 10 M concurrency. For the success of the program it was critical to ensure time to market, awesome customer experience with high QoS, and cost efficiency. They planned Performance Engineering right at the beginning of the development program. As a result, they went live as per plan, with near zero issues on Performance, Availability and Scalability of the applications.

Avekshaa’s experience with CIOs :

In our conversation with CIOs we have often heard them say- “I hope you had met me earlier, we just missed budgeting for proactive Performance Engineering in our development/migration program or for an ongoing QoS improvement of production applications.” Supporting our experience, we have provided an excerpt of a Forrester report on the need for proactive performance engineering as follows. The most critical point it makes is – “It is 100 times costlier to find and fix an issue in production”.


A recent research report from HP – Capgemini – Sogeti established that globally 18% of IT budget allocation is done for QA alone in the SDLC.

Based on our experience optimal budget allocation for proactive QoS should be at least 7-10% of the total IT budget across Development, Maintenance and Production phases.

We hope these insights are helpful.

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