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View performance report card of all your apps at a glance
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Explore appNeura Mobile User Monitoring

View performance report card of all your apps at a glance

Conduct an instant health check of all your applications with appNeura. With a consolidated view of critical performance parameters of all mobile and web applications, your CXOs can make quick, informed decisions. Each app is given an APDEX score which is based on a number of samples breaching threshold response times as well as crash incidents, buffering time and time-outs. The APDEX rating along with distinct colour coding helps you instantly gauge the overall performance of the applications. You can find out why an app isn’t performing well by simply hovering the mouse over the APDEX score. The pop-up will show number of issues as well as samples breaching the threshold.

Quick issue identification and resolution with in-depth, real-time analytics

Get real-time app analytics with appNeura to quickly analyze performance issues and mitigate them at the earliest.

appNeura constantly collects and analyzes network, device and server performance data to accurately pinpoint the source of issues and resolve them quickly. It provides user experience summary to help development and maintenance teams improve customer experience. It also categorizes data according to regions, customers and incidents and provides a daily, weekly or monthly summary to help with in-depth analysis.

Measure response time for every transaction

appNeura lets you find out exactly how long users take to complete a transaction. You can define the set of activities as well as the threshold time limits for each transaction. Transactions which are not completed within the limit are highlighted in red to help you easily identify them. Further analysis can help you pinpoint the root cause of the issue, which could either be due to a 3rd party glitch inside an activity or due to slow network speeds.

Hot track your premium customers

Offer differentiated services to different customer groups using appNeura’s customer segmentation feature. You can segregate customers in different categories and monitor them with varying degrees depending upon the service level agreements. It also allows your customer care representative to proactively help customers in case of issues. You can even automate advisories that can be sent to customers in case their experience on your app isn’t up to their expectations.

Optimize performance across devices

With multiple users accessing your application through a plethora of devices, it is important to understand how well your app is performing on each of those devices. appNeura provides granular details of various devices including data about the OS, application version and network capability. It also measures response time, crashes and network usage for each device type to help you optimize performance and provide a consistent experience to all your users.

Get location-specific analytics

The performance of an enterprise app can vary between regions due to multiple factors like network provider, number of users and number of hits. That’s why its important to know exactly how well your app’s performing in a particular country, city or state. With appNeura’s region-specific analytics, that task just got easier. From measuring number of users and hits to monitoring response times, appNeura’s location specific data allows enterprises to quickly identify region-specific issues and take corrective actions.

An interactive, colour-coded map also allows maintenance teams to identify poorly performing regions at a glance and initiate steps to fix them immediately.

Know your customers better

Battery level and temperature of the user’s device can affect the performance of your application. Which is why it is critical for you to monitor these parameters and optimize your app’s performance across different devices. Using appNeura’s in-depth device monitoring, you can co-relate back end device anomalies with front end performance issues and proactively fix bugs and crashes. appNeura also makes it easy to track the digital journey of every user by simply listing them in a drop down menu.

Find out exactly why your app crashed

You no longer have to guess why your app crashed! appNeura captures all incidents and crashes to help you correctly diagnose the real issues behind every crash. By providing details like time of occurrence, device information, file, method and call which caused the crash, appNeura allows you to spend more time fixing issues rather than identifying them.

Experience a powerful real user monitoring tool with the simplest dashboard at most optimal cost of ownership.

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