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At a high level, understand the availability and performance of all the transactions. Availability and performance for last one day, one week or last month can be checked at a glance. If multiple services are being monitored, you can also compare the services.
Measure page-level details of every page in a transaction. Metrics collected from the synthetic agent include rendering time, TCP, third party calls, response time, and processing time. Measure workflows with form data submission and user actions to test business logic and performance of back-end systems. Measure Visual-based metrics to track the user perception of every page load.
Get Granular details of the geographically generated transactions Get availability and performance of transactions at Country, Region, City and Branch level.
Understand the availability and relative performance of your site by comparing against benchmarks of your competition or other industry standards.

Experience a powerful synthetic monitoring tool with the simplest dashboard at most optimal cost of ownership.

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