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Individuals Dashboard


Optimize Workforce Using In-depth Employee Productivity Analysis

Monitor your business’s Productivity/Performance Health Index by analyzing detailed insights on Employee Performance. Define your date range and monitor specified Active Hours/Clocked In, Busy Hours, Idle Hours. Stay informed about time utilization of your employees by determining their actual log in details, application usage, device usage, browsing history. Create your own metrics to determine real-time productivity and scrutinize performance via detailed tabular, gant, or other graphical representations.

Determine Browsing History & Specific URLs Used by Each Employee

Boost productivity by analyzing employees’ all browsing history, records of browsing date and time along with monitoring online and application activities. Make valuable adjustments in order to ensure maximum productivity by identifying over-worked or under-utilized workforce. appNeura Work From Home Pro allows you to examine every move of each employee, whether on-premise or remote working to enable you to make comparisons on performance.

Custom Smart Reports for Simplistic User Experience

Map data onto colorful visual dimensions to improve understanding and gain effective actionable insights with appNeura’s WFH Pro Monitor. Customize employee productivity data according to customized thresholds, colour codes and date range in order to draw accurate comparisons for each user’s exact active, inactive, busy and idle hours; browsing history, urls visited, and more. Usage of color for encoding information can greatly increase retention and deduction of visual data.

Leverage Real-time Data to Monitor Infrastructure Used by Your Employees

Work From Home is an inescapable reality that has urged every business to deploy a pivot strategy. How do you ensure the infrastructure your employees are using on-premise or at home are at par? appNeura Work From Home Pro Monitor allows you to automate data collection to address the root cause of performance issues more efficiently and effectively. It enables you to predict, identify and rectify performance issues well ahead in time to avoid last minute losses.

Determine Actual Bandwidth Availability with appNeura’s WFH Pro Monitor

appNeura’s Work From Home Pro Monitor enables IT team’s to understand download and upload bandwidth speed to support the increase of data consumption. Improve performance by determining the minimum and maximum bandwidth allocated by the ISP (Internet Service Provider). Examine the fluctuating and actual bandwidth of employee servers especially of remote workers and make informed decisions to conduct business-critical operations like IT and infrastructure related.

Measure Team Performance with Visible and Actionable Insights

Monitor performance and productivity of each department to measure which team is performing better and which team needs additional oversight. With real-time in-depth analytics unlock the potential of your workforce. Enable your organization to strategize with detailed insights on each team on their productivity and infrastructure data.

Stay on Top of Custom Performance Metrics to Create Benchmarks for Strategic Planning

Customize productivity measures to accurately assess corporate process and workforce efficiency. Whitelist Applications you want to track, personalize performance inputs to get measurable comparisons of employee activities and team productivity.

Experience a powerful Work From Home monitoring tool with the simplest dashboard at most optimal cost of ownership.

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