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What is device analytics?

Analysis of device-level performance for Android and iOS devices. Get detailed insights into device performance during a customer’s digital journey to proactively address issues and troubleshoot complaints with ease. This is applicable for mobile devices only. Device analytics for web-based applications are not available at the moment.

What types of crashes and exceptions are captured?

Web errors on both, client side and server side are captured. In case of server-side errors, appNeura captures all the details including the CPU, memory and thread details. For mobile errors, unhandled exceptions are captured with stack trace along with applications crashes which are captured in detail. Application crashes, if not seen when the app crashes, can be seen once the application restarts.

What are the supported platforms?

– Browser-based access from Windows, Linux and iOS systems / mobile phones.

– Android applications (Native, Kony, IBM worklight)

– iOS application platform

How do you upgrade user licenses?

We upgrade users based on the remaining users and duration.

What are the various user roles?

– Admin user: User who registers for application monitor is treated as Admin user. This user has access to create user/update license/ delete users and more.

– Multi-application view: User who can manage more than one application (has a different dashboard).

– Single application: User who can view/manage only one application.

What kind of audio/video streaming applications are supported by appNeura?

appNeura SDK needs player-level API access to customize the streaming applications. Once the customization is complete, user can capture details of bandwidth, buffering, event response time, number of access etc from the agent.

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