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How customer experience is changing in the context of digital migration?

Today’s customers are knowledgeable and connected. They don’t just want good service; rather they expect a personalized, seamless, end-to-end experience with proactive and efficient service. Yet, most companies aren’t focused on what the customer desires. Instead, organizations are siloed and processes are frequently disconnected, resulting in a sub-optimal experience for the customer. Most service to date has been focused on front-end engagement, the tip of the iceberg, but ignores what happens at the end customer when he uses the digital service. The latter is where companies can differentiate by becoming a connected enterprise and be successful in growing their business to next level

Monitoring end user experience both on mobile and browser based access is an important part of the digital delivery and gaining lot of traction as end users with multiple choices are moving away at the slightest of disruption/ experience in the digital service.

appNeura’s Customer experience RUM focuses on end-user experience monitoring with following advantages

Granular User Insights

Get actionable insights into their app journey to optimize your apps’ performance and continuously enhance their experience.

  • Set different SLA’s for different user groups to ensure targeted monitoring and experience improvement
  • Monitor and analyze details of battery & CPU consumption to optimize app performance and reduce effects of thermal radiation on user health
  • Get device-level performance insights to offer personalized messaging and proactive advisory

Intuitive Dashboard

With the cleanest UI in the market, appNeura’s intuitive, clutter-free dashboard presents all the critical parameters of your app in real-time. Get all the information you need at a glance to make quick, informed decisions.

  • Get an instant report card for all your apps with a single index score
  • Measure the pulse of your app with a trend graph encapsulating customer experience over a defined period of time
  • Get a unified view of all your apps and issue summary with just a hover of the mouse

AI Ready

We understand the challenges of rapidly growing businesses and of the equally fast pace of technological transformation. That’s why we have built appNeura to not just help you take on the problems of today, but also be ready to tackle the uncertainties of tomorrow.

  • appNeura is highly advanced! Built using modern architecture, it can fully exploit the power of scalable cloud technology
  • appNeura has been tested for over 1 million users. It can handle 100000 concurrent users
  • appNeura is designed to evolve continuously by using the power of AI and ML.

In a nutshell every digital enterprise needs to plan their end user engagement and this needs to be continuously monitored , worked upon to hold the interest of the young generation users , who consume services on the go and are very sensitive to quality of the service. Enterprises need tools to manage this without really adding to the complexity of their businesses


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