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5 Moogsoft Alternatives and Competitors – Affordable AIOps Platform For Small Businesses

Moogsoft AIOps is an incident management tool that utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze alerts and metrics, enabling quick root cause identification.

By automating the detection of anomalies and connecting the thread between a group of alerts, Moogsoft can help you identify root causes faster and reduce the MTTR by over 50%.

While Moogsoft is a leading platform, these limitations often lead to users’ dissatisfaction with the platform:

Hence, if you are searching for an alternative to Moogsoft for your business needs, you have come to the right place. We have compared the following AIOps platforms based on their pricing, features, pros, and cons to help you find an affordable alternative:

  1. Sniper
  2. Dynatrace
  3. ServiceNow
  4. Splunk
  5. AppDynamics

Let’s get started.

In-depth Review of 5 Moogsoft Alternatives

Our analysis of the top five Moogsoft alternatives and their competitors is based on trusted review platforms such as Gartner Peer Insights, G2, and TrustRadius.

We have gathered insights, features, and pricing data to provide a comprehensive overview. This approach equips you with the necessary information to make an informed decision.

1. Moogsoft Vs. Sniper

appNeura Sniper is an AIOps Incident Management Platform, employing AI and big data for improved IT monitoring. Its advanced algorithms automate event analysis, deduplication, blacklisting, and correlation, achieving in minutes what would take humans hours. 

Sniper significantly streamlines IT operations by consolidating hundreds of thousands of alerts and events to a manageable number of alerts and incidents.

Moogsoft Alternatives #1

Source – Sniper

Here is the comparison between Moogsoft and Sniper:

Parameters Moogsoft Sniper
Infrastructure Coverage Provides support for ITOps, SREs (Site Reliability Engineering) & DevOps teams  Provide support for ITOps only
Key Differentiators Custom Integration – enables the ingestion of diverse data, regardless of the system or service source with tools like REST API and webhookSelf-Start Observability – Self-install a collector in minutes, eliminating the need for external assistance Unsupervised PRCA engine
NLP-based Recommendation Engine drawing on the knowledge of solving 5,000+ technical issues as well as online technical documents and user feedback
Integration Support Integrates with various tools and platforms such as:APM: AppDynamics, Zabbix, New Relic, PagerDuty, OpsgenieCloud: AWSTicketing: Slack, SolarWinds Integrates with various tools and platforms such asAPM: Dynatrace, AppDynamics, Zabbix, Datadog, New RelicOpen Source: FileBeat, MericBeatCloud: AWSTicketing: JIRA, FreshDesk, Lighthouse
Pros Easy ticketing and Co-relation customizationExcellent Support team to help you Patented technology for batch monitoring of alertsExceptional Domain Expertise
Cons Older versions need new patches and bug fixesThird-party APIs require a lot of work Needs third-party monitoring toolOnly supports ITOps

For Sniper’s pricing, you can request a free demo to know more.

2. Moogsoft Vs. Dynatrace

The Dynatrace AI engine, Davis, analyzes dependencies continuously, identifies problems automatically, and identifies root causes precisely. Davis helps you with quick root cause identification so that you can resolve them before they affect customers.

Moogsoft Alternatives #2

Source – Dynatrace

The following is a comparison between Moogsoft and Dynatrace:

Parameters Moogsoft Dynatrace
Infrastructure Coverage Provides support for ITOps, SREs(Site Reliability Engineering) & DevOps teams  Provide support for ITOps & DevOps teams 
Datasets Moogsoft, being domain-agnostic, accommodates a wide variety of datasets, aiming to alleviate alert fatigue.  Dynatrace, categorized as a domain-centric (APM/performance monitoring) tool, effectively ingests data through its One Agent. 
Key Differentiators For effective collaboration, team members need a holistic incident view and context-specific details. Moogsoft facilitates this by seamlessly integrating collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams or Slack.Build automated workflows to route, remediate, and auto-close incidents in third-party systems, ensuring a clean system of record. Dynatrace has launched Davis, a standalone AI assistant solution, to bring interactivity to their user interface.In addition to metrics, logs, and traces of observability, Dynatrace incorporates UX and topology data, giving Davis a holistic view of observed data.
Pricing Starting at $10K/AnnuallyUnlimited IncidentsAnomaly DetectionCorrelation ConfigurationsStarting at up to 20K Events per monthFirst 2M monthly metrics freeAdvanced Single Sign-On (SSO)365 days data retentionAccess to real-time support Dynatrace offers three flexible pricing with the AIOps option included:Full-Stack Monitoring: $0.08/hour for an 8 GiB hostInfrastructure Monitoring: $0.04/hour for any host sizeApplication Security: $0.018/hour for an 8 GiB hostYou can check out their pricing section for detailed information.

Dynatrace: Case Study

Dynatrace’s full stack observability empowered Vivint to drive innovation through technology.

With Dynatrace’s observability and advanced automation, the team gained precise answers and visibility from the code level to the end user. This allowed Vivint’s team to quickly detect and address issues before they impacted the customer experience.

As a result, the time spent reacting to issues, which previously consumed 90% of the production team’s time, was significantly reduced. This increase in efficiency enabled a remarkable 2x growth in business innovation.

The precise answers provided by Dynatrace illuminated the customer experience for Vivint, allowing the team to build superior products faster. This improvement led to an approximately 15% increase in customer satisfaction.

Michael Cabera, Director of SRE at Vivint, highlights how Dynatrace’s observability capabilities provide a deeper understanding of their infrastructure, enabling them to deliver enhanced customer service.

Dynatrace: Customer Review 

Dynatrace is appreciated for its comprehensive observability and monitoring solution. The live chat support provided by Dynatrace is highly beneficial.  This tool is excellent at identifying code pain points and aiding in issue triage. 

Despite occasional issues with the staff assigned and higher pricing, Dynatrace stands out.

Source – g2.com

3. Moogsoft Vs. ServiceNow

ServiceNow’s Predictive AIOps utilize AI to predict service issues before they impact users, and automate incident remediation. 

It leverages advanced machine learning and analytics to proactively identify and resolve complex service issues in virtualized and cloud environments.

Moogsoft Alternatives #3

Source – ServiceNow

The following is a comparison between Moogsoft and ServiceNow:

Parameters Moogsoft ServiceNow
Infrastructure Coverage Provides support for ITOps, SREs(Site Reliability Engineering) & DevOps teams  Provide support for Operation, DBA, NOC, SRE & DevOps teams, overall it encapsulates entire IT department
Key Differentiators Moogsoft AIOps ingests all events & telemetry data (metrics)Moogsoft uses real-time AI/ML techniques to correlate and identify root causes. ServiceNow has Predictive AIOps ingest events, logs, metrics, and traces from your applications.Predictive AIOps correlate alerts and identify root causes through data analysis using tags, clustering, temporal analysis, and topological analysis.
Integration Support Integrates with various platforms, such as Opsgenie, PagerDuty, Slack, etc. Integrates with platforms such as JIRA Software, Delphix, etc.

Predictive AIOps include three intelligent capabilities.

  1. Log Analysis and Anomaly Detection: Identifies service issues through log, trace, and metric analysis using machine learning.
  2. Metric Analytics: Automates metric collection and sets adaptive thresholds for anomaly detection.
  3. Event Management: Consolidates alerts by processing events, tags, and metrics to reduce noise.

ServiceNow predictive AIOps prevent disruptions efficiently and reliably. As a result, it allows organizations to manage service issues and enhance IT service proactively.

You can get a custom quote pricing by contacting the ServiceNow representative.

ServiceNow: Case Study

Banner Health wanted to streamline the contracting processes of its company that were made challenging by the manual process of managing contracts.

While they had a homegrown contracting process, it was not efficient and time-consuming to run. Also, the contracts didn’t provide the visibility the various stakeholders required.

Banner Health chose ServiceNow to simplify contract management and created an individual application for the Now Platform. Through ServiceNow, they built an application that would meet demands while utilizing the platform’s capabilities, including workflows, forms, and forms.

As well as increasing the speed of contract management processes, Banner Health has experienced better visibility of contract-related activities previously handled manually. Furthermore, they’ve cut costs through automation and enhanced efficiency in processes.

ServiceNow: Customer Review

ServiceNow is a platform that offers many services, primarily in handling incident tickets. It has an excellent customer support service that can assist with any inquiry. 

Numerous customers have praised the platform as it helps simplify many of their operations chores and perform them more effectively.

Source: Getapp 

4. Moogsoft Vs. Splunk

AIOps platform Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) provides IT operations with proactive insight, prevention, and resolution of incidents in one place. 

ITSI utilizes adaptive thresholding and anomaly detection to predict and prevent performance issues proactively. 

The AIOps platform leverages machine learning for comprehensive visibility and efficient incident resolution.

Moogsoft Alternatives #4

Source – Splunk

The following table compares Moogsoft and Splunk:

Parameters Moogsoft Splunk
Infrastructure Coverage Provides support for ITOps, SREs(Site Reliability Engineering) & DevOps teams  Provide support for ITOps, DevOps, Security & Hardware Operations teams
Key Differentiators With Moogsoft’s API-first approach, teams can easily access, utilize the Moogsoft API from any point in their CI/CD process.Moogsoft integrates tool stack and aggregate observability data into a single place for the entire incident lifecycle. Splunk ITSM provides service-level monitoring with dashboards that monitor service health, business metricsSplunk has service-oriented dashboards, has end-to-end visibility, provides KPI-driven triage view
Integration Support Integrates with various platforms, such as Opsgenie, PagerDuty, Slack, etc. Integrates with various platforms such as AWS, ServiceNow, Microsoft 365, etc.

With Splunk ITSI, you can reduce unplanned downtime by up to 60%. As a result, it improves operational efficiency and service reliability.

You can purchase Splunk ITSI with a Splunk Cloud subscription or Enterprise License.

To know more about the pricing, contact Splunk’s pricing expert.

Splunk: Case Study

Papa John’s has experienced a substantial shift in its sales through digital and now accounts for almost 90% of its billion-dollar operations, up from just 40% a decade ago.

The technology is essential for Papa John’s various business areas, ranging from back-office operations to supply chain and e-commerce channels. Although this mix of systems provides many benefits and points of contact to new customers but also poses issues in ensuring a seamless interaction among systems to deliver pizzas and other products effectively.

Thanks to Splunk, Papa John’s team has a unified perspective of their data, allowing them to use the same data across different roles in security and operations. It helps Papa John’s meet customer requirements by serving quick and tasty pizzas, all with a smile.

Splunk: Customer Review

Splunk Enterprise can easily handle massive amounts of data from various sources without considering the data format and normalization.

Users praise its ability to deal with complex and diverse data sources, provide real-time analytics and reporting, and offer a broad range of integration and customization options. Organizations of all sizes prefer it for managing large amounts of logs and data due to its user-friendly interface and capacity.

Source: G2.com

5. Moogsoft vs. AppDynamics

CISCO’s AIOps platform AppDynamics leverages ML capabilities to automatically detect performance issues in your infrastructure and applications. 

AppDynamics allows swift root cause identification and troubleshooting.

Moogsoft Alternatives #5

Source – AppDynamics

The following is the comparison between Moogsoft and AppDynamics:

Parameters Moogsoft AppDynamics
Infrastructure Coverage Provides support for ITOps, SREs(Site Reliability Engineering) & DevOps teams.  Provides support for NOC, ITOps & DevOps teams
Datasets Moogsoft, being domain-agnostic, accommodates various datasets, aiming to alleviate alert fatigue.  AppDynamic, categorized as a domain-centric (APM/performance monitoring) tool, effectively ingests data through its One Agent. 
Key Differentiators Moogsoft AIOps ingests all events & telemetry data (metrics)Moogsoft provides one view across all monitoring tools AppDynamics Cloud identify anomalies using historical behavior, uses graph traversal algorithm to identify the suspected root causeAppDynamics introduced Cognition Engine, uses ML to analyze performance of transactions
Integration Support Integrates with various platforms, such as Opsgenie, PagerDuty, Slack, etc. Integrates with various tools such as Delphix, xMatters, BigPanda, etc.

AppDynamics offers five flexible pricing:

  • Infrastructure Monitoring Edition: $6/month per CPU core
  • Premium Edition:  $60/month per CPU core
  • Enterprise Edition:  $90/month per CPU core
  • Enterprise Edition for SAP Solutions:  $167/month per CPU core
  • Real User Monitoring:  $0.6/month per 1000 tokens

You can choose different editions based on the pricing and functionality it provides. 

AppDynamics: Case Study

Alaska Airlines faced the challenge of understanding the complex cloud ecosystem completely and gaining insights that could help reduce the cost of problems with performance. 

The E-commerce department was operating in a complex and data-rich environment.

In their collaboration with AppDynamics, Alaska Airlines achieved impressive performance. They have managed to decrease the frequency of outages by 60% and kept this uptrend going. 

The first year after using AppDynamics, they significantly cut down on the amount levels 1 and Level 2 outages. This collaboration saved precious time and money for the business.

AppDynamics offered Alaska Airlines the necessary equipment and capability to monitor their cloud-based hybrid environment efficiently. 

Alaska Airlines was able to proactively address performance problems with AppDynamics, improve customers’ experience, and ensure critical services were available.

AppDynamics: Customer Review

AppDynamics is an ideal option for monitoring infrastructures, such as databases, servers, API endpoints, and business operations.

With AppDynamics flow maps, every detail can be viewed as a graph that makes it accessible to readers. The availability of multiple sources of alerts will let users detect whether there’s an issue in any software ahead of time. The ability to design alternate panel options based on the user’s preferences is a favorite among customers.

Source: Gartner

Provide Dynamic IT Environments With The Right Solutions

The AIOps market is projected to reach USD 64.44 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 24.01% between 2023 and 2028. 

As rapid response times and the adoption of hybrid cloud computing accelerate the demand for AIOps, inexpensive tools like Sniper by appNeura emerge as a standout solution for SMBs. 

Using its unsupervised PRCA and recommendation engine, Sniper assists IT teams in identifying the root cause and in remediation by sharing solution recommendations before they impact end users. This reduces manual effort and enhances your ITOps productivity.

Moreover, Sniper is a brainchild of a highly proficient performance engineering team. In fact, to present solution recommendations, Sniper draws on the knowledge of 5000+ resolved technical issues setting it apart from the rest of the AIOps tools.

Experience the extensive IT environment view and revolutionize your ITOps with Sniper. 

Start your free trial today to unlock your SMB’s true potential.


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