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AppNeura for Operations

Improve response times for issue identification and resolution with appNeura. Get critical performance parameters quickly and accurately to mitigate customer complaints with ease.

Discover JavaScript errors

JavaScript errors can result in decreased functionality and slower load times, leading to higher user abandonment rates and lower conversion rates.With appNeura Browser product you have the ability to display the following:

error rate:

  •  Sessions experiencing errors,
  •  Recent error stack, and
  •  Details of a specific error

Shorter release cycles

Release your apps quickly in the market with appNeura.  Extract invaluable information about your users from appNeura’s deep user analytics and get a better understanding of their behaviour and preferences. Use these insights to reduce testing time and the release cycle.

Customizable smart notifications for quick troubleshooting

Don’t get lost in the notification storm! Define thresholds based on average values to get proactive alerts in case of deviations and enjoy appNeura’s customizable notification feature. It allows you to pay attention to what’s important rather than get bombarded by a mass of data and alerts. Overall, appNeura’s easy search is designed to make your life simple, it is armed with smart features and intuitive navigation for you to get complete insights into your end-user journey and take corrective actions immediately.

Multiple usage options for optimum utilization

Why get stuck with on-premise systems when you can move to the cloud? Or be forced to choose cloud when you have some serious data security concerns? appNeura offers multiple usage options, from cloud-based SaaS to on-premise, license-based enterprise model to allow you to select your most favoured usage option. Optimize costs and operational efficiency by making the right choice.

Experience a powerful real user monitoring tool with the simplest dashboard at most optimal cost of ownership.

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