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AIOps Simplified

An intuitive solution that combine big data and AI /ML functionality to enhance your IT systems availability and performance monitoring

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Do you face these challenges while managing your ITOps?

Heterogeneous systems
Siloed approaches
Alert fatigues due to avalanche in Data Volumes, Variety and
High false positive and negative alerts
High error prone manual root cause analysis
Poor Collaboration across Ops and Dev
Managing IT operations becoming increasingly complex
Lack of alerts consolidation

Unleash Next Generation AIOps to Monitor and Enhance IT operations

Monitor and automate your entire server stack, infrastructure and network systems to improve overall IT operations by leveraging appNeura Sniper product, an AIOps platform which uses big data, modern machine learning and other advanced analytics technologies with proactive, personalized and dynamic insight.


Packed with solutions to help you manage your ITOps

Manage Complex IT Systems

Sniper offers a centralized incident management dashboard, providing a comprehensive view of the IT infrastructure, enabling organizations to effectively manage and control complex systems.
Manage Complex IT Systems
Detect and Resolve Issues

Detect and Resolve Issues

Sniper’s real-time monitoring and alerting system promptly detects and alerts IT teams about potential issues, allowing for quick resolution and minimizing their impact on operations.

Ensure High Levels of Uptime and Performance

Sniper’s performance management feature analyzes metrics to identify bottlenecks, optimize performance, and ensure high levels of uptime and system availability.
Ensure High Levels of Uptime and Performance

OvercomeTedious Manual Tasks

Sniper’s automation capabilities automate routine tasks, freeing up IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives and more value-added activities.

Enhance Incident Response Times

With its centralized incident management dashboard and cross-team collaboration features, Sniper streamlines incident response processes, facilitating faster resolution and reducing downtime.

Proactive Issue Monitoring and Resolution

Sniper’s real-time monitoring and predictive analytics capabilities enable proactive monitoring and early detection of potential issues, allowing organizations to address them before they disrupt operations.

Leverage Data-Driven Insights

Sniper’s advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms analyze large amounts of data to provide valuable insights, patterns, and predictions, empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions and optimize IT operations.
Leverage Data – Driven Insights
Facilitate Collaboration and Communication

Facilitate Collaboration and Communication

Sniper’s centralized incident management dashboard and cross-team collaboration features promote effective communication and collaboration among IT teams, enhancing problem-solving and decision-making capabilities.

Gain Comprehensive IT Environment Visibility

Sniper’s comprehensive view of the IT infrastructure provides organizations with a holistic understanding of their IT environment, facilitating proactive management and addressing potential issues before they impact operations.
Gain Comprehensive IT Environment Visibility

Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Sniper’s automation features, such as automated tasks and processes, reduce manual efforts, improving efficiency and productivity of IT teams, enabling them to focus on high-value activities.
Cut costs by
Slash resolution time by
Reduce unwanted alerts by
Optimize ITops by

The Perfect AIOps Solution For

ITOps Teams
NOC Teams
SRE Teams


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