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The Best Mobile App Crash Reporting Tools to Try in 2023

In today’s digital age, global organizations understand the damaging effect of app crashes on their business, driving them to invest in mobile crash reporting software for early failure detection. 

Users rank app crashes as a top frustration, as they interrupt sessions and degrade the user experience, often with far-reaching consequences.

According to a survey, a whopping 53% of users uninstall apps if they slow down, crash, or do not respond. Another report states that half of Android apps are uninstalled within 30 days of download. 

Source – Business of Apps

While it is impossible to prevent crashes from ever happening, investing in the right tools can help minimize the chances of a crash and the severity of its impact. 

Mobile app crash reporting tools collect a ton of information on apps. They deliver this information to developers, so they can proactively take steps to ensure any app issue does not lead to it crashing. It also allows them to prevent the issue from happening again.

The 5 Best Mobile App Crash Reporting Tools to Keep an Eye On

Modern crash reporting tools streamline the monitoring of mobile app performance, quickly alerting developers and product managers to potential crashes. These tools accelerate crash diagnosis by providing detailed insights into causes and effects, thus enabling rapid issue resolution and thorough root cause analysis for performance issues. 

If you are looking to invest in a robust mobile app crash reporting tool, here are our top 5 picks for 2023: 

1. appNeura

appNeura offers a robust mobile user experience monitoring solution, providing in-depth analytics and user insights to optimize application performance, enhance user satisfaction, and ultimately strengthen brand loyalty.

appNeura utilizes AI and ML to proactively predict and prevent app failures. It offers actionable insights into app quality and usability, enabling prompt rectification. With its advanced predictive analytics. 

Using appNeura’s built-in recommendation engine, you can take the right steps to improve issue detection and resolution across APIs, networks, operating systems, devices, and more.

top mobile app crash reporting tools

Source – appNeura

Developed by leaders in performance engineering, the tool offers granular insights into the quality and performance of your mobile apps. Acting on these insights can allow you to conduct user experience monitoring and boost engagement. 

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Source – appNeura

Capabilities and Advantages

What makes appNeura different from other tools in the market? The tool offers several benefits to developers, operations teams, CIOs, and business owners — right from better troubleshooting to improved performance. This leads to a happy and loyal customer base. With appNeura, you can: 

  • Predict mobile app failures before they happen and proactively resolve issues across channels. 
  • Revolutionize the way you monitor and manage mobile app performance and business outcomes. 
  • Map users’ digital journey and get a better understanding of how your app’s performance is linked to the end-user experience. 
  • Receive timely and actionable insights into app performance levels and continuously improve functionality and usability. 
  • Strengthen the underlying foundation of your mobile app to improve user experience and brand loyalty. 
  • Conduct a thorough root cause analysis on what exactly is causing your app to crash or slow down. 
  • Make the most of a clutter-free dashboard with customized views and drop-downs to get a better grip on errors. 
  • Set different SLAs for different user groups and ensure comprehensive end-user performance monitoring. 
  • Get a single view of the performance of all your apps and a birds-eye summary of issues with a simple hover of the mouse. 
  • Allow your development team to focus on innovation and not waste time in the complex management of mobile app issues. 

2. Raygun

Raygun is an extremely popular error monitoring and crashing reporting tool used by several organizations. It helps development teams detect, diagnose, and resolve app errors with ease and make necessary code changes. 

top mobile app crash reporting tools

Source – Raygun

Capabilities and Advantages

Using Raygun, you can get code-level insights into the health of your mobile app and fix errors that impact your end-user experience. With Raygun, you can make sure no error ever goes unnoticed. By monitoring your entire tech stack, it delivers all the information you need to enable real-time performance monitoring of your application. You can also prioritize errors that have the greatest impact on users and resolve issues at the code level. 

3. Sentry

Sentry is another popular mobile application monitoring tool that enables organizations to restrict app crashes to a minimum. As an innovative error and performance monitoring tool, Sentry allows you to identify and fix every crash with real-time insights. 

Android Resolve Crashes Faster

Source – Sentry

Capabilities and Advantages

Sentry brings much-needed context into the crash reporting process. Automated workflows and customized alerts allow for immediate action – before they impact performance or experience. You can also use the tool to get end-to-end visibility across your app workflows and track and solve performance issues in time. Besides, you can investigate crashes by device type, OS, and release and get real-time actionable insights for fast resolution.

4. UXCam

UXCam enables detailed mobile performance analytics and reporting, allowing developers to evaluate and assess how the user experience is and if there are any imminent issues or errors. 

top mobile app crash reporting tools

Source – UXCam

Capabilities and Advantages

Offering a single source of truth for mobile app behavior, UXCam allows you to improve performance and engagement. By automatically capturing screens and behavioral events, UXCam throws light onto issues and bottlenecks. Detailed insights into potential errors allow you to catch bugs immediately, carry out independent impact analysis, and shorten the feedback loop for improved user experience. 

5. Instabug

As a modern app that automatically captures every crash, Instabug sends all relevant crash information to developers for mitigation — from performance trends over time to the percentage of crash-free sessions and the total number of crashing sessions to the number of affected users, and more. 

top mobile app crash reporting tools

Source – Instabug

Capabilities and Advantages

The tool goes a step further by providing insight into the reasons for the crash and how to fix it. Instabug also helps in prioritizing which issues to fix via severity metrics and informs users that the issue will be addressed as quickly as possible. 


Mobile apps have become the lifeblood of organizations. Offering an array of modern capabilities, they enable users to carry out several tasks in their professional and personal lives. But mobile apps carry a high risk of being uninstalled if they tend to crash. If you want to sustain high usability and customer satisfaction, you must make the most of a mobile app crash reporting tool. 

The right tool can help you identify potential issues, prioritize and fix your most widespread crashes, and minimize their impact on your users. Invest in the best mobile app crash reporting tool today! 


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